Slap me some Christmas Love, Please.

As christmas is just right at the corner, what a perfect day to make my own breakfast for the day. I don’t really know what to name this dish I made. It is a pasta salad cooked with a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar topped with Spam Lite and Parmesan. And It was delicious especially the vinegar gave that little kick making it a perfect way to start the day and this entry. hehe

Went to Bigby’s Restaurant with really good friends and I can’t remember the last time I ate there. I forgot to take a picture of this huge platter of MEAT that we got because I was just overjoyed by a surprise Christmas Gift!!! Thank you so much Bon for the chopsticks. I truly love them. ❤

Afterwards, STARBUCKS CAKES!! Cookie Dough Cheesecake(?) and Almond Rocha Cheesecake(?). Not entirely sure if they were cheesecake or not but I am sure with the first two words of both. haha. Anyways, they were good especially the Cookie Dough. I love cookie dough especially when my mom makes her chocolate chip cookie. I think I had the tendency of eating more of the dough than the actual cookie. hahaha. I think that is a good sign already that the batch will be delicious.

Wonderful news, I was able to talk with one of the designers who will be doing the gown of Mia Ali, Miss Cebu Candidate and I will be collaborating with him to make the JEWELRY!!!! I am totally excited for it. It is my own little contribution for Mia who are one of the reasons that made college life worth remembering.

And if you do have the time, please vote for her in the voting booths that can be found in Ayala Center Cebu in front of Oxygen and SM Center Cebu Northwing in front of Cyberzone and that Bubble Tea Drink spot. Sorry, I truly forgot that name but I think it was BubbleBee Tea or BumbleBee Tea. Not sure. hahaha

Just realized that this has been placed in every Island Souvenirs Branch. Oh my.

I hope that everyone feels the Christmas Spirit and hopefully the decor in Manila will give a little wake up call to mine. haha

Yeah, I will be Manila Bound for my visa. I think I will answer the Consul like my sister during our mock interviews.

Consul: Why do you want to go to New York?

Sister: Because I want to be the next Serena Van Der Woodsen.



Yours Truly,



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