Deck the halls with Hope

Chosen to judge the Christmas Decor and Christmas Lanterns in my Alma Mater, U.P Cebu. I forget what the theme was for this year because it was in tagalog but I know it was related in finding hope. And I forgot to mention that all of the decor and lanterns have to be made out of recycled materials. There was some that was really creative and original especially this Belen that has all of these recycled materials that I can no longer recognize which totally blow me away.

From all the lanterns, I think the one above is one of the most original and odd lanterns I have ever seen. What was so interesting about it was it was not made by a Fine Arts Student which is a bit of shocker to me. It took me awhile to get the message behind this piece because I let my mind stick to the idea what a lantern should really look like.

The light signifies hope and the shell can be all the challenges that we face. If we believe in hope and fight for it, we can emancipate ourselves for a better tomorrow.

After, went straight to the Rigodon Practice, and decided to go with new friends to I.T Park to eat some late dinner. This is the first time I have been here and they (new friends) told me that they have renovated the place and the place looks great! I was totally shocked looking at the menu because it is very AFFORDABLE and the servings are just right. Totally excited to come back to try the rest of their dishes in their menu.

Yours Truly,



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