A moment, A love, A dream…

“Materialistic objects come and go but that feeling of contentment lasts forever.”

You will be filthy rich in just a year or even a few months!

I think that would be a short summary to the offers that have approached me lately. Sure, you can assure me with all these charts, graphs, and paychecks but the real question is; Will I be happy? You can easily keep on gaining loads of revenue in whatever you are doing but I don’t want to be any part of it for I am a designer.

Whenever I create something like jewelry and I see it being worn by an individual who finds herself beautiful and elegant; that is the grand prize and the money that is received is the consolation. From inspiration, to conceptualization, prototyping and finally the actual piece itself, all that hard work just to see someone feel happy and beautiful with the piece that you have created is the one of the greatest moments (in my own opinion) that a designer can achieve.

These creations of ours will become part of our memory to the world. Something that we (designers) have left behind for every generation to enjoy and past down to the next. Through that way, we live forever.

With all those things said, I leave you with this Cover with one of my favorite songs, Sweet Disposition. Enjoy.

Yours Truly,




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6 responses to “A moment, A love, A dream…

  1. Konichiwa!

    Hello!! Its me again….

    Words are easier said than done… from the looks of it you do need everything that you have mentioned, from lunch to snacks even dinner with friends can’t be a way of life for as what you call a designer who does not need those. If you do not want to be a part of it, try giving the proceeds or your “sales” to a homeless family who does not even have money to splurge on a single piece of bread. Tell me when you have done that then, I CAN say that you are happy and contented as a designer. =)

    Yours Honestly,

  2. Konichiwa!


    Yes, I did. This is not as to be a designer nor to be what not or what to be. What I am trying to say is about life. Made this as a good example 😉 Hope you understand my post:P

  3. Konichiwa!

    Guess you didnt understand after.. ohh well, cant say i didnt try *poof*

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