Simply Human

{Oxygen Top, White folded shorts, FabManila Tote Bag, and Leather Sneakers}

The day was a mixture of learning from the easy to the hard and disappointing way.

Walked around the mall and had my hair and scalp checked by the Clear Shampoo Team for the promotion of their Shampoo Brand. Fortunately, they didn’t find any problems. So yeah, me!

I can’t really remember the last time that I ate in Sbarro. I think it was in my highschool days.  I still remember how it looked way before the renovation. And I think the most memorable moment I had in Sbarro was there was this guy across the table. I was eating with friends. We had those eye-catching moments. When my friends and I left, I didn’t know that he left his number on the tissue which all my friends noticed and I WAS TOO BLIND! I hurriedly went back to the resto and to my dismay, the staff has totally wiped the table clean. 😦

I wasn’t intentionally taking a picture of this guy but more of the interior of the place.

My Mushroom and Spinach with cheese Pizza!!!! My all time favorite from Sbarro. While waiting at the cashier, the girl was taking sooooo looonnngg with all her special demands that I have been slowly taking little nibbles on my pizza. If my pizza wasn’t delicious, I would have started complaining for her to make up her mind and I think the long line of customers would have backed me up. But oh well, I was contented and my frustration went away. hhhhhmmmmm

Most of my saturdays have been consumed for my 3DMax Class. I would have been perfectly fine but the hours are long and late but still, able to create things through the PC especially with the capabilities of rendering and making those more realistic is FUN!

So far, here are the things that I was able to make. A DNA and Venom with tongue action. I have a video for it but I think it would be best not show it. haha

All in all, it made me realize that we all make mistakes. That’s what makes us human but what really matters is that we learn from this mistakes. That way we become better.

Yours Truly,



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