Will be young forever…

Silhouettes moving through the beat of the music, laser lights swaying in the ceiling, Vegetation seemingly has taken over part of the interior.

It was a great night to enjoy and share with good friends for the official reveal of Vudu. I could still remember that this was one of the first clubs that I have been going to ever since I was in my early teens. Couldn’t really tell who are the crowd now because they entirely different but I was sure that there was this group of models and one of them was Brent Javier. Didn’t bother taking a picture of him because I don’t want to look like a fan. haha

Paolo Berdin of whatpaolowrites and whatpaoloeats.

The music was great when we arrived. I couldn’t stop dancing because they were all songs that I was familiar with. I was really hoping that they were going to play Teenage Dream, Fireworks by Katy Perry or even Only Girl by Rihanna but not. 😦

Paolo, me and Mia Arcenas who I am so proud who just recently release her clothing line. Will be using her clothes for future shoots with my jewelry which I am really excited for.

I had a lot of good compliments from that night for my white collar gray long sleeves which I accented with a white bow tie. Thank You everyone especially to the good-looking guy who complimented who I should have asked for his number! Oh well. haha

Mikey Sanchez, Meme Dakay, Paolo Berdin, Me and Mia.

It was definitely a lot of fun minus the drunk girls and disgusting guys that’s why whenever you go out, never go alone. Just a tip.

Yours Truly,




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2 responses to “Will be young forever…

  1. Nice seeing you nike!!! 🙂 love the bow tie. Grabe noh, you hardly know anyone who goes out anymore eheheheh.

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