Can this get any better?

Been busy lately because I just have found that an A-List New York Retailer has just scheduled a visit this coming February and not only are they just bringing their agents and officers but the PRESIDENT TOO!!!! I seriously have to finish my new pieces on time because I want them to bring it with them to NEW YORK! Lucky for my pieces if they are chosen because they will be able to travel more than me. haha

I recently got this from my cousin, Den who just came from Japan. I really miss Japan. Definitely will be coming back there soon.

Tadah!!!! A whole wide variety of Japan’s wild flavored KITKAT!! There is Cherry Blossom, Green Tea, Wasabi, Cheesecake and SOY SAUCE!!
And I have been just eating them like there is no tomorrow because they all tasted so amazing. hahaha

I always say to people that whenever you travel the world, it is not only seeing part of the experience but definitely the tasting too.

I got this new book marker from my mom because it was done by our sister company, Suarez and Sons for the University of the Philippines Cebu in the unveiling and turn-over of the Historical Marker of the Administrative Building which is now either a Heritage or/and National Landmark.

A little jealous right now because there is so much improvement going on right now with the University ever since now that they have become Autonomous which was right after I graduated. hmph.

I have been jumping from Island Souvenir Shop to the other to use my Gift Certificate that I got from Island Souvenir. Honestly and frankly, I like their shirts but I am no tourist. If there was a better version of their Vintage Collection. I would have bought them immediately when I entered mall branches.

On my way to work, I remembered that they had this huge Island Pasalubong Center on the way to the airport, I told my dad that we should visit and finally, Gift Certificate is gone and this is what I got in exchange for them.

A VOGUE  Australia Magazine, two fabric woven bracelets and two DRIED MANGOES. Well, I ate the other one on my way to work. I love dried mangoes and I can’t believe how expensive they are in Japan, 500 pesos per pack!

This coming December 28th, I will be dancing the Rigodon for the Grand Innocents’ Day Ball in Casino Espanol de Cebu. This will be the 2nd time that I will be dancing.

And I got a message that the Press Release of the Dancers just came out and here it is.

I’m excited what the beautiful women of that night will be wearing because all of us men will be wearing Barong Filipino. I was planning to wear the new suit that I bought but that went straight down the drain.

Yours Truly,




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5 responses to “Can this get any better?

  1. can i steal the sunstar picture? haha. hope your pieces get chosen!

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