Shangrila with a Surprise Z

Went to Shangrila Mactan Island Resort and Spa the other day to visit on the booth that the company has set up for Shangrila’s Christmas Bazaar.

I didn’t know that they made this Christmas Roofs for each of the booth except for this booth which was a Church.

While I was jumping from each booth, I found the Shangrila Booth which was selling Christmas Goodies and I found in the fridge counter these Chocolate Coated Apples which was so mesmerizing. I love chocolate and apples and what a perfect way to have both. And it was delicious.

Me, Ate Lyka, and Ate Kz.

Got this text message from Meme to go out to Z bar the same day just for no specific reason and I was up for anything. I love spontaneous moments.

Photo Courtesy to Paolo Berdin who I want to congratulate because his food blog, What Paolo Eats is in the top 20 Best Cebu Blogs! Congrats Paolo! You deserve it!! 😀

Got the Banana Berry Daiquiri which was very refreshing and not too strong because seriously I have the weakest tolerance for alcohol which is a good and bad thing. haha

Cheese Galore!!! Meme got a cheese plate because she love cheese and I do too. I can’t remember all of the names but I know one of them was brie. haha.

Decided to Club Jumping afterwards because I wanted to check the new and improved Vudu but since the place was obviously not yet finish until the official reveal which is this coming saturday decided not to take any photos until then. Something to look forward to.

Yours Truly,



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