A Hopeful Christmas Town

Went with my parents for the lighting of the Tree of Hope and the unveiling of the Train of Hope. Honestly, I was looking forward for the Train of Hope which was the Christmas Village. I heard that it will be way bigger than last year’s. And it was.

If you are wondering what are those numbers and names tags that are placed on each of the tiny houses, those are sponsors.

Reason why they call it the Train of Hope is to give hope to children who have Cancer. If you sponsor a house or whatever it may be like a castle or even one of the trains, the donation would go straight to the Kythe Foundation who takes care of these Children giving them a brighter and more hopeful Christmas.

And amazingly, they were able to raise 1.4 million pesos for the foundation and this year, they are hoping to beat that record.

Luckily, before the unveiling, we were able to choose the houses that we wanted to sponsor.

My sister’s company, Aquamarine Clothing Co. chose this little dainty and quaint house which stood at the base of the one of the hills.

Italkarat 18, Inc. chose this hot air balloon that rotates around the Town Square.

Suarez and Sons got this HUGE MERRY-GO-ROUND!!

This pretty little girl with a beautiful smile on her face is one of the cancer kids. She was really a joy to play with as I made goofy faces to make her smile and laugh.

So visit Marco Polo Cebu and sponsor one of the Christmas Houses in the Train of Hope or sponsor one of the Christmas Balls in the Tree of Hope where the donations would go to the underprivileged Children of Cebu supported by the GMA Kapuso Foundation.

Let’s make this a brighter and better Christmas for everyone.

Yours Truly,




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2 responses to “A Hopeful Christmas Town

  1. andy llenes

    i hope to bring my kids and hang a ball up the tree. in our own little way my children will feel the spirit of Chirstmass.

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