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Under the Christmas Rice Tree

Well the holidays are half way to it’s end. I am really grateful for the beautiful gifts that I have received under the Christmas Rice Tree. Ridden with colds, cough, aching tonsils and a horrible massacre from terrible oysters who knows when to hit me in the worst of times. And as everyday pass by, the house is slowly by slowly turning to a maximum prison due to a recent incident and my view that once showed wandering clouds in the sky will now be outlined with bars.

My holiday schedule is now totally off because of being sick and apparently, I’m not the only one. I can’t believe that I got hit by oysters from David’s and on the day of the Invierno White Party of Vudu which I have been looking forward to and I had the perfect clothes. Guess I have no other choice but wait till next year. I don’t know whether it is a good or bad thing because I lost weight in the process.

This is the first time ever that my family will be celebrating Christmas without my Grandparents because they left for Manila for Spiritual and Personal reasons and since we usually celebrate in their house, there is no christmas decor so we improvise and decided to use the Palay (Rice) and try to make it a tree. This is definitely a Filipino Christmas tree. I totally love all the notebooks and sketchbooks that I got for Christmas they are something to look forward to once my current sketchbook is all out.

Well, if you have been reading, a group of robbers have entered the house after that incident, the compound has been increased with security measures and apparently, one of them is putting bars in my window. Now my view of the city is obscure no thanks to those robbers. sigh. And the rest of house truly feels like a maximum prison and minus the sexy inmates. lol.

And I want to congratulate Bachelors-Femina for an outstanding and successful Innocent’s Day Ball! It was really a great night and I am totally excited for the next one and this time, I will be more active with the club. Will be posting photos soon.

Yours Truly,




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You Dare Deny Me!

Despite the HORRIBLE traffic which is a curse that has no plan to be lifted in Manila, the Christmas Decor in Rustan’s Makati has been a treat for the eyes. I do apologize if I was not able to take any photos with my ITouch because the battery died on me. I will definitely try my best to describe the decor.

The store windows bursting with luscious hues of purple and pink from the meticulous sequined saddles of horses and polar bears of a Merry-go-round that seemed like it is a scene from one of Katy Perry’s Music Video.

White Mannequins with colorful ornate masks and draped with beautiful Inno Sotto Gowns from his latest collection, Muse and jewelry that sparkled like those stars in the night sky.

I felt like this tiny child looking at a store window for the first time. Or maybe I felt like a bit of Rebecca Bloomwood from “A Confessions of Shopaholic.” lol

Anyways, here are some of the places that I was very excited to see once I was there.

Ever since I found out that we will be going to Manila, the first thing that went to my head was MUJI!!! When I found out that they opened an outlet in Fort Boni, I shrieked a little. lol. Basically, MUJI is this Japanese Lifestyle Store. It has everything from notebooks, pencils, clothing and apparel, kitchenware and a lot more but all based in the Japanese Lifestyle. And I think you all know that I am big fan of Japanese. I was hoping that they have the sketchbooks that I am looking for but apparently, SOLD OUT!! What to expect, it was very affordable (200 pesos below) and good paper quality.

If you want to know more about MUJI.


Another place that I look forward to, Conti’s!!! I can’t entirely remember the name of the main dish I got but it was something like a Cordon Bleu. I think the name was Rallinote or something but either way; it was DELICIOUS!!!!

But the dessert was the definitely the highlight, Mango Bravo. I thought it was this typical mango cheesecake until I got my first bite. It was smooth, creamy and not-t00 sweet which I like until I got my second bite, chewy and crunchy with bits of walnuts which was a surprise! Every bite that you take is entirely different from the other making the dish entertaining in my mouth. It was truly a delight. Oh Conti’s. You never fail to make me happy. 😀

Dippin’ Dots!

Ice Cream of the future! This is an entirely new way of eating Ice Cream because they solidify the ice cream into pebbles making it a bit crunchy once it reaches your mouth. But I definitely think that they have to innovate themselves especially with so many competitors now in the Ice Cream Industry.

Sentro 1771!

Sentro 1771 is this Filipino Fusion Restaurant which had the best Sizzling Tofu that I have tasted so far!!! You can find it in the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 3.


Delizioso. Do I need to say more.

Oh yeah, before I forget the main topic of this post. I was denied from the US Embassy for Visa Renewal in the basis that I want to be one of the Gossip Girl Characters. No, I kid. For real. I GOT APPROVED!!! Thank GOD!!!

Anyways, I want to say.

MAY EVERYONE HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope all your dreams and wishes come true!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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Slap me some Christmas Love, Please.

As christmas is just right at the corner, what a perfect day to make my own breakfast for the day. I don’t really know what to name this dish I made. It is a pasta salad cooked with a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar topped with Spam Lite and Parmesan. And It was delicious especially the vinegar gave that little kick making it a perfect way to start the day and this entry. hehe

Went to Bigby’s Restaurant with really good friends and I can’t remember the last time I ate there. I forgot to take a picture of this huge platter of MEAT that we got because I was just overjoyed by a surprise Christmas Gift!!! Thank you so much Bon for the chopsticks. I truly love them. ❤

Afterwards, STARBUCKS CAKES!! Cookie Dough Cheesecake(?) and Almond Rocha Cheesecake(?). Not entirely sure if they were cheesecake or not but I am sure with the first two words of both. haha. Anyways, they were good especially the Cookie Dough. I love cookie dough especially when my mom makes her chocolate chip cookie. I think I had the tendency of eating more of the dough than the actual cookie. hahaha. I think that is a good sign already that the batch will be delicious.

Wonderful news, I was able to talk with one of the designers who will be doing the gown of Mia Ali, Miss Cebu Candidate and I will be collaborating with him to make the JEWELRY!!!! I am totally excited for it. It is my own little contribution for Mia who are one of the reasons that made college life worth remembering.

And if you do have the time, please vote for her in the voting booths that can be found in Ayala Center Cebu in front of Oxygen and SM Center Cebu Northwing in front of Cyberzone and that Bubble Tea Drink spot. Sorry, I truly forgot that name but I think it was BubbleBee Tea or BumbleBee Tea. Not sure. hahaha

Just realized that this has been placed in every Island Souvenirs Branch. Oh my.

I hope that everyone feels the Christmas Spirit and hopefully the decor in Manila will give a little wake up call to mine. haha

Yeah, I will be Manila Bound for my visa. I think I will answer the Consul like my sister during our mock interviews.

Consul: Why do you want to go to New York?

Sister: Because I want to be the next Serena Van Der Woodsen.



Yours Truly,


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Deck the halls with Hope

Chosen to judge the Christmas Decor and Christmas Lanterns in my Alma Mater, U.P Cebu. I forget what the theme was for this year because it was in tagalog but I know it was related in finding hope. And I forgot to mention that all of the decor and lanterns have to be made out of recycled materials. There was some that was really creative and original especially this Belen that has all of these recycled materials that I can no longer recognize which totally blow me away.

From all the lanterns, I think the one above is one of the most original and odd lanterns I have ever seen. What was so interesting about it was it was not made by a Fine Arts Student which is a bit of shocker to me. It took me awhile to get the message behind this piece because I let my mind stick to the idea what a lantern should really look like.

The light signifies hope and the shell can be all the challenges that we face. If we believe in hope and fight for it, we can emancipate ourselves for a better tomorrow.

After, went straight to the Rigodon Practice, and decided to go with new friends to I.T Park to eat some late dinner. This is the first time I have been here and they (new friends) told me that they have renovated the place and the place looks great! I was totally shocked looking at the menu because it is very AFFORDABLE and the servings are just right. Totally excited to come back to try the rest of their dishes in their menu.

Yours Truly,


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A moment, A love, A dream…

“Materialistic objects come and go but that feeling of contentment lasts forever.”

You will be filthy rich in just a year or even a few months!

I think that would be a short summary to the offers that have approached me lately. Sure, you can assure me with all these charts, graphs, and paychecks but the real question is; Will I be happy? You can easily keep on gaining loads of revenue in whatever you are doing but I don’t want to be any part of it for I am a designer.

Whenever I create something like jewelry and I see it being worn by an individual who finds herself beautiful and elegant; that is the grand prize and the money that is received is the consolation. From inspiration, to conceptualization, prototyping and finally the actual piece itself, all that hard work just to see someone feel happy and beautiful with the piece that you have created is the one of the greatest moments (in my own opinion) that a designer can achieve.

These creations of ours will become part of our memory to the world. Something that we (designers) have left behind for every generation to enjoy and past down to the next. Through that way, we live forever.

With all those things said, I leave you with this Cover with one of my favorite songs, Sweet Disposition. Enjoy.

Yours Truly,



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Simply Human

{Oxygen Top, White folded shorts, FabManila Tote Bag, and Leather Sneakers}

The day was a mixture of learning from the easy to the hard and disappointing way.

Walked around the mall and had my hair and scalp checked by the Clear Shampoo Team for the promotion of their Shampoo Brand. Fortunately, they didn’t find any problems. So yeah, me!

I can’t really remember the last time that I ate in Sbarro. I think it was in my highschool days.  I still remember how it looked way before the renovation. And I think the most memorable moment I had in Sbarro was there was this guy across the table. I was eating with friends. We had those eye-catching moments. When my friends and I left, I didn’t know that he left his number on the tissue which all my friends noticed and I WAS TOO BLIND! I hurriedly went back to the resto and to my dismay, the staff has totally wiped the table clean. 😦

I wasn’t intentionally taking a picture of this guy but more of the interior of the place.

My Mushroom and Spinach with cheese Pizza!!!! My all time favorite from Sbarro. While waiting at the cashier, the girl was taking sooooo looonnngg with all her special demands that I have been slowly taking little nibbles on my pizza. If my pizza wasn’t delicious, I would have started complaining for her to make up her mind and I think the long line of customers would have backed me up. But oh well, I was contented and my frustration went away. hhhhhmmmmm

Most of my saturdays have been consumed for my 3DMax Class. I would have been perfectly fine but the hours are long and late but still, able to create things through the PC especially with the capabilities of rendering and making those more realistic is FUN!

So far, here are the things that I was able to make. A DNA and Venom with tongue action. I have a video for it but I think it would be best not show it. haha

All in all, it made me realize that we all make mistakes. That’s what makes us human but what really matters is that we learn from this mistakes. That way we become better.

Yours Truly,


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Neil Felipp Loves Raleene

As the tiny serpentine wrapped around my wrist, I said to myself; “Don’t you look pretty.”

From an experience, I created the Medusa Bangle.And I’m happy to say that one of the first proud owners of this piece is Raleene Cabrera from

It is an intricately detailed sterling snake bangle with Swarovski Crystals for eyes. Originally, it was a gold piece but Raleene was asking silver favor so I did just for her.

You had no idea the feeling I had to see with my own eyes that she wore the piece during the What A Girl Wants Fashion Show in Shangrila. Huge case of butterflies. haha

Smiling within.

Yours Truly,

Neil Felipp

P.S. All photos are all from

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