Behind-the-Scenes: Island Christmas Love

I have mention in one of my past post that I will be in a photoshoot with fellow friends for a campaign ad. And here is a little Behind-the-scenes for you to look forward to once the photos will be officially released and that will be very soon which to be honest, I am excited for them to be out.

I do apologize if I blur this photo. Well, it adds more to the anticipation and intrigue.

Kryz Uy from Thirstythought and me, David Cua and Mia Arcenas being prepped for the shoot.

I want to thank Gen Mijares for showing a bit of me in her tumbler.

The photos were taken on the day that I did a performance with Russ Ligtas. It was really amazing because these were taken with a Kodak 135 post processed in black and white.

I never thought that I would still see someone using film since digital is readily available. But in a way, it was a very refreshing sight to see.

Yours Truly



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