The Waking of LazaRuss

What does it mean to die? Or better yet, what does it mean to live?

Have you asked yourself lately what are you living for?

So, here are some of the photos during the performance. It was one of the most well-constructed and enlightened performance that Russ has created and the best part of it all was that I was able to participate in it.

Photo Courtesy to Mecca Maranga. Thanks.

This was part of performance where I had no idea anymore what’s going to happen. I didn’t know that we were all suppose to lie on the floor for more than 10 minutes and be dead.

Imagine your body is totally useless but your soul is still wandering within and you can hear everyone in your funeral. Everything that you own and love are now fully detached from you whether you like or not.

I felt like Cristina Ricci in one her latest movie, “Still Life”. You can’t do anything but just accept your death.

I want to personally thank Max for being my witness.It was really odd to just keep on staring to each others eyes for 5 minutes during the performance (another part which I had no idea). Good thing, I didn’t personally know him or else I will just keep on laughing.

For me, one of the best highlight that I found in this performance was my perception of death. You shouldn’t fear death. It is part of being human. We all have an expiration date which makes things much more beautiful. Material objects come and go including our bodies but our soul, spiritual entity or whatever you call it becomes something more. It becomes part of the universe. We become part of the universal flow. We can become the stars above the sky.

How beautiful is that?

If you want to follow Russ, visit Read Russ.


Yours Truly


P.S This is a little token from Russ for the performance. It was made by him and each of the participants has their one unique clay face piece.


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