Anthill Holiday Treat for STUDENTS

I miss the perks of being a student because you get some privileges like this recent treat offered by Anthill Fabric Gallery.

As we all know, when you are in any design course, it comes with a lot of expenses especially in materials because how else are we suppose to create and these materials don’t go cheap so here is Anthill to make students’ lives much easier.

ANTHILL Fabric Gallery supports young students in the field of fashion and art. We encourage students to pursue their passions and live their dreams without having anything to hinder them.We believe in honing their skill and maximizing their fullest potential. We are certain they will be next pride of Cebu. That is why for our first holiday treat, we give our dear students this Student Privilege Card to have an easy access in sourcing quality fabrics and trims at affordable prices!

So, what are you waiting for? Go visit Anthill Fabric Gallery to get your very own Student Privilege Card.

If you want contact details, just click on the image right above and it will send you straight to their official website.


Yours truly,


P.S We got a new Dog!! And her name is Peek-a-boo. She is such a playful black lab with her pretty red collar.


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