Such a Shame for Us to Part

Last Sunday, I was part of a performance with nine others and the one-and-only Russ Ligtas. I will be posting photos on the performance as soon I have some decent photos from others who took shots and hopefully, a video. It was really amazing. I was able to sort of experience a 10-minute or more death which I will further explain in the official post for the performance.

The photos above were taken in the new Kukuk’s Nest North in Talamban where the performance was held. The place has so much potential for it will soon become a bed & breakfast and from the interior to landscape it must have been a very beautiful house before. Can’t wait for Bambi to full utilized and decorate the place.

I have been trying to invite people to watch the performance but unfortunately it was timing during the Pacquiao vs Margarito Fight.

Anyways, I want to acknowledge Jen Mijares for taking the photo. Thanks, Jen.

Yours Truly,




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