May you guys rot in hell for all of eternity!

There were a group of 3 thieves at age of 15-20 who secretly went in to the HOUSE and STOLE my sister’s laptop and nothing else. And the worst of all times, her thesis defense is fast approaching! Good thing, none of my siblings were in the room because who knows what would have happen.

And we have been talking with some of the people around the area and this has been going on in Lahug especially Nivel Hills. So far, the thieves have stolen an airconditioning unit, a mountain bike and the latest was a laptop.

But we believe that they don’t live anywhere in the area because they will be easily caught that way. I just really hope our Police force will be useful in finding this loss good but that it is really hopeful wishing because unfortunately here, if something has been stolen from you, say goodbye to it forever.

If you see any of this thieves, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THEM!

Yours Truly,



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