I have been a little sick because of our inconsistent weather because it can’t make up it’s mind because I think the song in its head(if it has a head) right now is the song: Hot & Cold by Katy Perry.

So, just last night. I watched Easy A with Gani, Adam and of course, my movie buddy, Elysse. I have been excited to watch this movie for awhile because there is this saying that the best medicine to anything is humor.

This movie was hilarious. I just kept on laughing but my favorite characters of the film would be Olive’s parents. They are amazing and cool! They reminded me a bit of Ginger’s mom from the original Nickelodeon’s cartoon series, “As Told By Ginger” which is one my all-time favorite. If you guys have any problem with highschool about finding yourself and being true yourself, you should watch it and another great thing about it all of characters would change their clothes in every episode.

Afterwards, we decided to get some drinks and Lys recommended TGI Friday’s because they had some margaritas. And seriously, I needed to have some fun because I have been just working non stop and I think this little sick moment reminded me that I needed a break.

I have never seen this beer anywhere before until last night. It was really yummy and specially it is very smooth when it goes through your throat. And would you believe that this is made in the Philippines by San Miguel and it is only 75 pesos! WOW!

And I do apologize that the photos are blurry because I was just using Phil tonight because I wasn’t able to find the charger of the digicam. 😦

This is what I ordered. A strawberry Mojito. It was really really good! It tasted like Tutti Frutti and you would barely taste the alcohol anywhere.

They gave us this complimentary chocolate bread. I think it was called Bushman, not totally sure if that is the proper spelling. It is sprinkled with bits of popcorn and served with BUTTER! It tasted yummy with my Strawberry Mojito.

Gani slurping her Ultimate MudSlide. I was planning to get this but when I was looking at the contents; I will not survive! It has Vodka, Kalhua and Baileys. I tasted a bit and it tasted like a chocolate milkshake with a deep secret but delicious never the less.

Can’t stop looking at the sweet couple of night.
Mini Burgers!!!
This was definitely the highlight of the night! We never planned this at all and we are almost wearing exactly the same thing except the shoes. LOL!
The boy is mine!!

Love, Love, Love
While we were walking around, we noticed that UCC Cafe Terrace has placed up their CHRISTMAS DECOR! And it was done by Elys’s mom. Very beautiful and especially the details. I love where there are ballet shoes sprayed with gold paint are being hanged. It reminds me of the Nutcracker.
Yours Truly,

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