Finally, the much anticipated S&R has opened its doors to the Cebu market. Well, I didn’t really know what I was looking for when my family and I visited but one thing was sure I was doing a lot of weight lifting for Nanay (a.k.a Grandmama) because everything was mostly in bulk so thank God for the weight lifting from the gym. It was very handy.

I think my favorite part of S&R was where they placed their fresh produce in this huge refrigerator so when you exhale, you have mist coming out of your mouth like when you visit the United States and most of the kids were doing that because they wanted to feel that they were in the States.

I was disappointed because I wasn’t able to eat their PIZZA because they no longer had gas for their oven! So, what was left was the Calzone which was still good by the way but I wanted Pizza. Oh well, there is a next time. It is not like it’s going to runaway.

But at last, my long search is over. I have been eating White Castle Hamburgers. Thanks Faj for telling me that they have. They are really good! Yum!

From one of my post, I mentioned that a Filipino, Jerome Allen Lorico tops the Prestigious Japan Fashion Design Competition and I wanted to see how his winning entry looked like. He was kind enough to comment in that post and sent me a link where to find a photo in his facebook account. And here it is. He used conventional and Philippine fabrics such as cotton and piña to make this outstanding creation. Making it a beautiful example of Philippine Ingenuity and Creativity.

Another thing that I have been busy with despite making new jewelry collections is making an eulogy for myself. Don’t worry, I have no plans of dying. It is part of a performance that I will be participating with one of Cebu’s most talented Art Performer, Russ Ligtas which I am really excited for because it will be this Sunday already. Details about it will posted soon if any of you have any plans to watch.

Yours Truly,


P.S I hate how inconsistent the weather has been recently which is putting my nose on the fritz. >.<


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3 responses to “11.11.10

  1. The Urban Nomad

    I got the chance to see the dress up-close. It’s actually on exhibit here at the NCCA Gallery until Feb 28, 2011. you may drop by and check out other works by Filipino artistry. 🙂

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