Shop till you drop

I am really excited once my online shop will be online because this is entirely different from my Jewelry. I will be selling some merchandise from my exporting friends. Now, all I have to do is decide whether I will put on a multiply account or wordpress. If you guys have any suggestion, please tell me. I will really appreciate it..

Speaking of selling stuff, you all know of my friend, Paolo who won best dressed during Preview’s 15th anniversary party and with that award, he won a camera and he decided to sell it!! I’m doing this as a good favor to help him out. If I had the money, I would buy this in a heartbeat but as you all know, I just bought, Phil my ITouch and I’m very happy with him. But anyhow, if you are interested to know more about this camera, you can email him at

I just realized that I barely buy t-shirts nowadays because mostly I think of work and anything that has a collar with it. But today, after from a meeting, I decided to go to my alma mater and see some good and familiar faces that I haven’t seen for the longest time.

While we were checking some shirts in Artwork, I saw this really good-looking shirt and it was on sale. And I decided to try it on because where is the harm in trying some clothes. Right? It look good on me and I love the Art Deco design and colors that were going on. So, I bought it and since I was like this child I decided to wear it immediately because I wasn’t feeling my corporate top. lol.

Another thing, there was this really good thin thai blue scarf that I was able to find in Collage. It was really beautiful and it matched what I was wearing but the sales lady was acting like a b*tch. She was giving me that look that I wasn’t a serious buyer and some kind of thief so I was disheartened to buy it. I’m really disappointed with Collage. Where were your good sales persons that makes me smile whenever I am in store?

Despite that, this day with good friends was the refresher I needed to jumpstart my creativity plus a good movie that we watched; “You Again”. I recommend you watch it. It is very entertaining…

And a little heads up to everyone, I’m planning to sell some of my stuff in UP – Cebu next week so if any of you have the time, come and visit. Details on the time will be said later on.

Yours Truly,


P.S Last night was a little despidida of a very special friend of mine, she will be going back to Manila because of some personal matters. I’m planning to visit because she wants to introduce me to some distributors in Greenbelt. How exciting!



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3 responses to “Shop till you drop

  1. athena

    hi nike! 🙂
    i think mas convenient ang multiply 😀
    see you when i see you.

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