PREVOLUTION: Vudu’s Halloween Ball

It was an incredible night for Vudu’s Halloween Ball. I don’t really know what I went as. I was in my creative mode that I don’t want to be anyone else but me. Lol.

You could see as you go around the club that it is obviously not yet done but I’m really happy that it is way bigger now and that they added more airconditioning compared to before. And the 2nd floor looks great and there is this outside balcony if you want to get away from the dance floor and chat with some hot dates. he he he.

Here I am with Mia Arcenas. She was a GRAPE!! And she won Star of the night and as a reward; she get free round trip tickets to Singapore! And would you believe that she made her costume on the day of the event. And she is also one of the reasons that made the whole night memorable.

Uuuuhhh!! Yummy Gingerbread man from the movie “Shrek”. This was one of my favorite costumes of the night. And when i was looking at the costume, it was done in a very clean manner. I just wished his GumDrop buttons were more glittery and 3 dimensional like that in the movie because that was one of the cute things of the gingerbread man from the movie but hey, he won one of the most unique costumes of night.

Hot and Steamy Viking, Origami Monster and a totally scandalous Cardinal.

Me with Queen Amidala. You should see the intricate detail that has been done for this headdress especially the hair detail.

One of the interesting people that I met that night, Sonny. He is from Australia. A new fun fact I learned from him. Did you know that there are this certain part in Australia where it actually SNOWS!!!! The reason why he knows is he snowboards. Only a very few people know that even the locals of Australia don’t even know that.

JUMBO!!! He was a boxer and he too won Star of the night and got the free round trip tickets to Singapore. Congrats Jums! Can’t wait for our next Starcraft 2 conquest. lol.

Origami Monster, Grape and a Nun. Really nice costume!

I was freaked out when this guy went in to the club. Really cool! And deserving as one of the most unique costume of the night! Congrats Chiquiboy!

Origami Monster, Prisoner, Ke$ha, Adam, Julius Caesar, Magellan, Party Girl, and a Pirate.

Despite that I wasn’t able to win anything, I had great fun! And I’m totally excited for the new Vudu to be finally completed. Oh well, here I am eating what’s left of Mia Arcenas. Yum Yum!

May everyone have a great Halloween.

Yours Truly,


P.S There are some people from that will be featuring photos of me and Mia in their site. When I went to their site, it was still coming soon. 😦 So, that is something to definitely look forward to.

Photo Courtesy: Paolo Berdin and Mia Arcenas


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9 responses to “PREVOLUTION: Vudu’s Halloween Ball

  1. Konichiwa!

    Why change the shoes from japanese sandals to heels? how can you be a monster if you can move.. (no agility) tsk tsk tsk…. And what do you think people would say about you wearing the heels and especially your family?

    • Because it was just for fun and it was Halloween after all.

      Monster = no agility? Ha? Please explain further.

      Everyone was amazed. And my family knows about it and they are ok about it. And once again, it was halloween. Halloween is all about dressing up and having fun without any judgement. And I don’t recall posting any photos of me wearing heels that night so you must have seen them in my facebook account. Another thing, if this concerns about sexuality in any way, I’m happy for who I am. FYI: Costume + halloween + good company = fun

      But I do appreciate for your concern…:)

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  4. Hi Neil!!! Awesome party, noh??? Heheheh! What is Cebu24hr? I scanned too and it was still coming soon. They have a photo of me there wonder where they got it hehe.

    • Hey Kristine!!!! Definitely. It was a fun party!! hehehe. I seriously have no idea what is Cebu24h. hahaha. They gave Mia and I a calling card of them and told us that our photos will be posted on their website and that was just it. hahaha. i thought you were friends with these people because I saw your photo in their site. hehe

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