Garage Magazine: Oct/Nov. 2010 Issue

As you have all know, I have this love for magazines especially ones that tackle fashion. There are only two magazines that I would buy and occasionally four because the other two whether I like the content. The two top magazines are Preview Magazine and Garage Magazine. Definitely, Preview Magazine is the most influential Female Fashion magazine here in the Philippines. I can’t really say about Garage Magazine but so far from all the Men’s fashion magazine that has been surviving since the men here are still quite conservative when it comes to fashion, they are doing very well. How they layout their pages are uniquely masculine like the strong black bold fonts.

And oh yeah, the other two occasional magazines that I will purchase would be Entrepreneur Magazine and Men’s Health Magazine. I just realized that most of these magazines are by Summit Media except for Garage Magazine. Amazing Job, Summit!

I know that the internet is definitely there when it comes to fashion and most of the information you want can be achieved in just a few seconds but it is totally different reading something with paper on your hands especially paper that has content that intrigues your curiosity and combine that with beautiful photos. It is a feast for your eyes and mind.

But anyways, I recently bought the latest issue of Garage Magazine and the cover is one of the Philippines freshest leading men who started from Indie films is now gracing PrimeTime television shows, Coco Martin.

I love how Garage takes photos of on-the-street style because it is different what you see in the catwalk and on the streets. It is so much fun to see individuals who make the initiative to look good when they come of their homes that’s why I was going crazy when I was in Japan looking at how everyone dresses. From adolescent to the elderly, they have this out-of-this-world that you just can’t stop but to adore. If you want to know more about Japanese Street Style, there is a link in one of the Fashion Category Links.

The photos of Milo Sogueco are breath-taking. The models wearing retro corporate suits

I love this article wherein they talk about the nutritional facts about the fast food here in the Philippines because I have always wondered what are they. It is not like they will put it on wrapping paper on your burger or carton pouch of your fries. I’m looking at the sodium facts and they are huge! Like a simple hamburger from Mcdonald’s can reach about 520 g of sodium. You barely get anything from these types of food but Sodium, Fat, Cholesterol, Carbs and minuscule dose of protein. Oh my. Would you believe that a McChicken gives you 830 g of SODIUM (a.k.a SALT) and you only get 14 g of Protein. Tsk Tsk.

There are really a lot more amazing photos and articles in this latest issue. So, if you want to see them, go to your nearest magazine stand and buy Garage Magazine.

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