Chinese Teenage Dirtbag

Parent’s finally arrived from China. A little jealous because they were able to go to the places that I wanted to go. On the way there, Nanay (a.k.a Lola) decided that we should visit Crimson Resort since some of our relatives checked in there and we are curious what the place looks like. Don’t worry, I have photos to show but in a different post. There is quite a lot.

Moving along, this is one of the things my parents brought and I got it immediately because it is something out-of-the-ordinary here in the Philippine setting since the place you most likely to wear this are in the mountains and not anywhere in the city since it is extremely hot when you wear it.

There were a lot of things that they gave me which I all love like a gradient from white to blue long sleeves, Davidoff Cool Waters, an ash tray that look like the bird nest( FYI, I don’t smoke), and a metal bangle with a Chinese Dragon carved on it(Well, it is the closest thing to having a Pet Dragon).

Yours Truly,


P.S And another thing, I have been observing the Tokyo Fashion week and would be you believe a FILIPINO TOPS THE PRESTIGIOUS JAPAN FASHION DESIGN COMPETITION!!! He is Jerome Allen Lorico. I really wish they posted pictures of his winning entry which he used conventional Philippine Fabrics like pina and cotton. This shows how truly talented Filipinos are!


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5 responses to “Chinese Teenage Dirtbag

  1. jerome

    thanks for mentioning me in your blog! for photos pls check my facebook account!

  2. jerome

    thanks again!

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