Hello, Phil.

Meet Phil, he is the latest ITouch from Apple. He is everything that I need and everything that I want. He is very useful especially when it comes to my designing when I need to look at references, quality control to my pieces, updating my schedules and a lot lot more. It is truly love. Good thing, I have him now because I found out that the company will be participating in a major show very soon but I won’t say what it is just yet because I’m really hoping that I can be sent to attend on the booth. Really really hoping. But for the moment, I have to make a lot more collections in a very short time. I can do this.

And check this out. As you all know, I have always been a fish lover and a plant lover. And this is the aquarium that I’m totally looking for. This aquarium which is called the Castle Aquarium was designed by Eric Jourdan for Fontaine.

Now Fontaine makes use of glass, terra cotta and ceramic for the aquarium, sand filter and plant pot. The cycle is simple: water is drawn from the aquarium to be filtered by the sand and then flow into the plants, returning, purified, to the aquarium.

There is a lot more designs by various designers, just click on the image and it will sent you straight there.

And look at the BrandBase Office in the Netherlands by Most Architecture. I would really would want to go the office more often it would like this because it would inspire me more but who knows, maybe over time. If you want to know more about this office, just click on the image.

Yours Truly,




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2 responses to “Hello, Phil.

  1. Konichiwa!

    As that once great philosopher also said =P its not on the tools that what makes you great but what you are as a whole that makes you marvelous! 😉

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