Reflections: An Ode to Fe Sala Villarica

I accompanied my Grandmama to watch ballet but this wasn’t any ordinary production but this is a homage to one of the great contributors of the Art Community here in Cebu, Fe Sala Villarica.

Despite of all the her achievements, accomplishments and contributions from the city, province and national government, and from ogranizations, here and abroad, Fe Sala Villarica remains humble even asking the speakers to stop announcing what she has done for the Art Community.

The curtains rises. An egyptian scenery is shown. A Pharaoh sits on his throne with pride and honor. Guards and maidens flock the hall as the Pharaoh’s bride enters to show her beauty and grace.

I love watching ballet for it is another form of expression, an expression through body movement. Every gesture to pose is an emotion that the ballerina creates. Be amaze if that ballerina can precisely capture every movement with grace and balance for it is definitely not easy especially the fact you will be wearing toe shoes.

This ballerina was one of my favorite. With every precise movement she made, she was still able to hold a natural smile. She was very fluid and graceful.


Yours Truly,



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