Wonderful News!

Wonderful News! When I went to the office, the marketing told me that two of my pieces were sold and I thought it was a joke but actually it was not. And I was asking who it was and to my shock, it was Luisa Conjuanco. I was so disappointed at myself why I didn’t ask a picture with her but we kept on talking with future projects about some home accessories and jewelry. She is truly an amazing woman.

If you want know more why she truly is an amazing woman and advocate. Follow her and support the Luisa Project.

I’ve been checking the net lately especially design blogs. And I saw this, Moleskine is so ingenious knowing the popular demand of the IPhone and IPad that they created these covers just for it. I really wish that there is a version for an ITouch because I will soon be getting one. Totally excited for it because just imagine all the work that can be done once I have it.

And yes, I finally got the October Issue of Preview Magazine. In this issue, they show some Southern Pride, Cebu! As a cover, they chose the high-in-demand, Kim Chiu who is also a proud Cebuana. I want to congratulate everyone  who was shown in this issue. Cebu is not only known for its beautiful beaches but amazing individuals.

P.S. I’ve noticed that most of my post recently is about promoting Cebu. Interesting.

Yours Truly,



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