A little few Surprises…

Woke up really early because I thought I would be attending an Anniversary breakfast of RCTV because I didn’t get the full details but I realized actually it was a shoot. It is a joint project with RCTV and other organizations to promote Cebu. They invited all the talents and interns to be part of the shoot.

I don’t know if any of you have been watching Report Card which is this new segment in RCTV wherein they showcase the life of a college student. Well, Dan and I are one of the Campus Jocks representing UP – Cebu.

A little BTS. This is the view where I was standing during the shoot and right there in a little cute yellow dress is the talented and constantly smiling Cebuana Singer, Raki Vega.

Some pretty fellow Upians who are currently interning in RCTV.

Since I chose to take the day-off, I decided to go to the campus to just to see how’s everything and am I so proud to see this! Finally, UP – Cebu is officially UP – Cebu because before it UP Visayas – Cebu College which meant we had to pass through so many systems just to accomplish anything.

Yours Truly,


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