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Garage Magazine: Oct/Nov. 2010 Issue

As you have all know, I have this love for magazines especially ones that tackle fashion. There are only two magazines that I would buy and occasionally four because the other two whether I like the content. The two top magazines are Preview Magazine and Garage Magazine. Definitely, Preview Magazine is the most influential Female Fashion magazine here in the Philippines. I can’t really say about Garage Magazine but so far from all the Men’s fashion magazine that has been surviving since the men here are still quite conservative when it comes to fashion, they are doing very well. How they layout their pages are uniquely masculine like the strong black bold fonts.

And oh yeah, the other two occasional magazines that I will purchase would be Entrepreneur Magazine and Men’s Health Magazine. I just realized that most of these magazines are by Summit Media except for Garage Magazine. Amazing Job, Summit!

I know that the internet is definitely there when it comes to fashion and most of the information you want can be achieved in just a few seconds but it is totally different reading something with paper on your hands especially paper that has content that intrigues your curiosity and combine that with beautiful photos. It is a feast for your eyes and mind.

But anyways, I recently bought the latest issue of Garage Magazine and the cover is one of the Philippines freshest leading men who started from Indie films is now gracing PrimeTime television shows, Coco Martin.

I love how Garage takes photos of on-the-street style because it is different what you see in the catwalk and on the streets. It is so much fun to see individuals who make the initiative to look good when they come of their homes that’s why I was going crazy when I was in Japan looking at how everyone dresses. From adolescent to the elderly, they have this out-of-this-world that you just can’t stop but to adore. If you want to know more about Japanese Street Style, there is a link in one of the Fashion Category Links.

The photos of Milo Sogueco are breath-taking. The models wearing retro corporate suits

I love this article wherein they talk about the nutritional facts about the fast food here in the Philippines because I have always wondered what are they. It is not like they will put it on wrapping paper on your burger or carton pouch of your fries. I’m looking at the sodium facts and they are huge! Like a simple hamburger from Mcdonald’s can reach about 520 g of sodium. You barely get anything from these types of food but Sodium, Fat, Cholesterol, Carbs and minuscule dose of protein. Oh my. Would you believe that a McChicken gives you 830 g of SODIUM (a.k.a SALT) and you only get 14 g of Protein. Tsk Tsk.

There are really a lot more amazing photos and articles in this latest issue. So, if you want to see them, go to your nearest magazine stand and buy Garage Magazine.

Yours Truly,



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Emperor Origami and a sweet night

Been really busy preparing for tonight’s Vudu Halloween Ball. This is not the official opening of Vudu but they will open their doors for just this yearly event. I’m really trying my best to win best halloween costume of the night because I really want to get that free roundtrip to Singapore or the Shangrila Overnight stay!

Here is another preview of what I will be wearing tonight but this is not complete yet. If you want to see, how it will really look, you have to wait for future post on it later or you go to the Vudu Halloween Ball later.

But anyways, I had a great night last night with really good company. It was really fun combine me being hyper because I was finally able to pass my application for a company that I really want to get in and some good waffles with banana and almond from RedMango. Yum Yum!

I just can’t get over with the sweetest couple of the night.

Adam & Gani

(I can’t wait to see when they have kids.)

Elysse, Moi and Zaki.

One last shot of the couple. It is very inspiring to see them because despite of the long distance, they were able to find love. And amazingly, they are already two years. sigh.

All photos were taken in my ITouch (a.k.a Phil). ❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. I want to thank Karina Bruce for featuring me and my jewelry in her blog. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! ❤

Yours Truly,


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Choices, FB, and Ms. Cebu

I am faced with an opportunity that needs thorough and well-thinking whether I should take it or not. Ever since I was in highschool, I have always dreamt of designing for this brand. I could still remember that during one of the career forums that was organized by my highschool, the owner was there talking about his career. I was so mesmerized and after the forum, I wanted to try to apply but apparently, he left too early for me to take that chance.

Thinking about it, the experience and connections that will be gained will be some sort of investment to me as a designer.

I just can’t let this opportunity just walk-by.

In a lighter note, I watched recently with a good family friend, Elysse. “The Social Network“. As you all know, Facebook plays an important role in everyone’s life because I think everyone in the Philippines has an account or even the whole world. This movie talks about how Facebook was born and how the founder, Mark Zuckerberg is now the youngest billionaire in the world. Just imagine, Facebook is now worth 27 billion US dollars.

I’m really wondering whether Mark Zuckerberg really talks like that in real life. I found the actor who was the playing the bestfriend of Mark, Eduardo very good-looking and great in a suit. I still can’t believe that is Brenda Song from the Disney Original Series, “Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. And what’s so shocking about her role was she started very slutty then all of sudden, a totally insane and obsessed girlfriend. LOL. All in all, the movie was great despite how in certain aspects it was inaccurate.








And I just recently found out, Mia Ali is now part of the top 12 finalists for the title of Ms. Cebu!!! OMG, MIA!!!! I’m so proud of you!!!! You can do it. I know you can!!!

Yours Truly,


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He{sit}ation. The first act of “Am, but & other uncertainties”.

I was really disappointed that I wasn’t able to watch this performance live by the one and only Russ Ligtas because of an incident that needed to be tend to. I have mentioned him before in one of my past post.

I know it may seem bizarre and a little odd for some of you but that’s what so intriguing about it because it is not something ordinary and it fuels your curiosity. Remember ignorance is the enemy. Open your mind and heart to a whole world of discovery.

This is just the first act out of three so expect for more to come.

Yours Truly,


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I am really sorry for the late posts guys but it is definitely better to posts than rather not to post at all. I just recently checked my other email account which has been on the fritz lately and finally, I was able to open it. And I got this email.

They have invited me and all of my readers to this HUGE SALE which is still going on right now!


And as a little perk for all you readers, just print out this coupon and you will immediately get 100 pesos OFF!!

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest WAGW branch and shop to this HUGE SALE!

WAGW Branches:
3rd Floor, the Gallery, Robinsons Galleria
2nd Level, Paseo Cuidad, Ayala Center Cebu
2nd Floor, Main Wing, SM City Cebu
1st Level, West Promenade, Limketkai Cagayan de Oro City

Yours Truly,



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A touch of Crimson

As you all know, before I picked up my parents from the airport, Nanay and I passed by Crimson Resort because some of our relatives checked in and we wanted to see the place because we have been hearing good reviews about it. This is what I love about Cebu. It will only take you an hour from the city to go the beach. How great is that?! No wonder why resorts here and there are popping out like the pimples of a teenage kid going through puberty in the worst way possible. I know. Weird metaphor but it was the only thing that came out of my head for comparison.

Love the landscaping

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this. Very beautiful.

This is just part of the lobby. You would be amazed by the table in the middle of the lobby.

It is this HUGE SUNGKA TABLE!! Most probably they got this so that some of the other guest won’t be bored while waiting to be checked-in. But look at it! I can’t remember when was the last time I played this game. Must be ages ago. And one fun fact I found out about these shells being used to play sungka; is that they were used for currency by our Pre-hispanic Ancestors. Just imagine if it will still be used today. We just go to beach and earn money by picking up these shells. That would be a dream come true.

This place is amazing! I love how this place has been designed from the landscaping, interiors and architecture.

I have seen decks but this would be the very first time I have ever seen a deck like this. I love how this deck can be totally assembled and disassembled to your liking minus the construction cost no wonder why it is called LegoDeck (I have been searching if there is site showcasing this product but there was none 😦 ) It is very flamboyant and stable. This is a great way not to disturb the marine environment. This hotel did their research well.

A view of the beachfront

This is what I was talking about how this deck doesn’t disturb the marine environment. You can freely feed the fishes here and scuba dive.

Me with Nanay. We felt like were out-of-the-country for a moment with this pic. She is one of the most stylish influences in my life and healthiest ones too.

A view of their pool.

I forgot to take a picture of the bedroom because the bathroom attracted me more. I would stay in this bathroom for hours just to relax especially the fact that there is this s right in front of you! WOW!

This is the entrance door to the bathroom and it is made of BAMBOO. ❤ ❤ ❤

Hello Saffron Cafe!

A group picture before the food arrives.

UUhhhh. Look at the interior of this Cafe. BAMBOO!! I like.

Finally!! My Tofu Steak arrived! I love Tofu! And this was really good.

I like how their Kare-kare was presented. Very pleasing to the eyes.

Yours Truly,


P.S. As you have noticed by now, I change the design of my blog. I was getting bored with the other one and I think it was time to change, a refreshing, new, simple change.

P.S.S I want to acknowledge the photo of me in the header to Anney Uy. Thanks Anne! ❤


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Chinese Teenage Dirtbag

Parent’s finally arrived from China. A little jealous because they were able to go to the places that I wanted to go. On the way there, Nanay (a.k.a Lola) decided that we should visit Crimson Resort since some of our relatives checked in there and we are curious what the place looks like. Don’t worry, I have photos to show but in a different post. There is quite a lot.

Moving along, this is one of the things my parents brought and I got it immediately because it is something out-of-the-ordinary here in the Philippine setting since the place you most likely to wear this are in the mountains and not anywhere in the city since it is extremely hot when you wear it.

There were a lot of things that they gave me which I all love like a gradient from white to blue long sleeves, Davidoff Cool Waters, an ash tray that look like the bird nest( FYI, I don’t smoke), and a metal bangle with a Chinese Dragon carved on it(Well, it is the closest thing to having a Pet Dragon).

Yours Truly,


P.S And another thing, I have been observing the Tokyo Fashion week and would be you believe a FILIPINO TOPS THE PRESTIGIOUS JAPAN FASHION DESIGN COMPETITION!!! He is Jerome Allen Lorico. I really wish they posted pictures of his winning entry which he used conventional Philippine Fabrics like pina and cotton. This shows how truly talented Filipinos are!


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