Wisdom of Winners

I didn’t really know what to expect when I attended this event because I just wanted to help out my mom since the organization, Rotary Club of Cebu Fuente that she is a part of is spearheading the event. It was the 2nd New Generation Web Conference and the theme that they had was Wisdom of Winners. And I just found out on the event that they chose Cebu speakers who are successful in their specific field. And later on, I realized that this conference wasn’t only going on in Cebu but everywhere else in the nation like Makati, Gen San and wherever there is a Rotary Chapter.

The first speaker was Edmun Liu. He was chosen for his success in the graphic printing industry. He founded Basic Graphics.

He shared the 3 truths that he created in becoming successful.

1. EVERYTHING STARTS WITH YOU – He cited an example such as the pond and coin. If you look at a pond, it remains stagnant but once you throw a coin to that pond, it creates ripples. Be that coin and those ripples, let them be your influence. Know yourself. Accept who you are. Know your limits and strengths. And remember always, get your life in order and everything else will follow.

2. GOT TO KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING – stay focus on the target. Make a plan to achieve that goal.

3. FIND THE RIGHT PARTNERS – no one can do it alone. Invest in yourself with the best mentors. Be the best version of yourself. Don’t let PRIDE blind you. Be OPEN. Win the love and respect of your family. Gain FAITH that is strong enough to move mountains.

As a final advice from him, you should welcome the sun light of every new day to make your mark.

The next speaker is Anya Lim who has become successful in the social and green enterprise. She is also the co-founder of Anthill Fabrics Gallery. Here in this photo, she showcases one of the dresses created by Lord Maturan. And would you believe that the fabric that was used to create this dress is handwoven here in the Philippines.

She has always had this passion for our Philippine Culture and she decided to apply that passion through the family business which is fabrics. One of her goals with Anthill is to revive the dying weaving community of the Philippines.

Here is one of the recent projects that Anthill has done. In collaboration with Rags2Riches (R2R) and one of most successful designers in the Philippines, Rajo Laurel, they created the Tree Bag Project. There are three Filipino communities that helped create this bag from the handle, the fabric down to the  carved wooden buttons. This is truly a proud product made in the Philippines.

Dondon Hontiveros, a winner through sports

It was really amazing watching the AVP about how he started and where he came from. He really fought for his dream and the best advice that he has given was that no matter how many achievements you get, always remember to be humble.

Matteo Guidicelli,

who is recently gaining popularity in Showbiz after he has been chosen as one of the actors of a Primetime Soap, Agua Bendita.

I was really amazed by his presentation because he kept on speaking in the Visayan Language showing that he is proud to be a Cebuano. And it was entertaining to see girls going insane over him like one girl looked like she was in the process of an exorcism. It was so funny. Remember, it looks great to be a celebrity but there are consequences.

I really support the advice that he has given.

“There are no shortcuts to the greatest success in life”

Last but not least, Jude Bacalso. She was chosen for being a winner of the Third Gender.

She was really inspiring concerning about Gender Sensitivity and everything about respecting each other.

The best advice that she gave was,

When somebody would go to the lengths of changing their appearance from a boy to a girl or a girl to the boy,

please show them a decency of calling them Sir and Ma’am.

I really hoped that you learned something from this post because I did.

Yours Truly,



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