N. Profiles – Anney Lorraine Uy

I am really thankful to Gillian Stephanie Uang for introducing me to Anney Uy.

She is definitely one of the most charming photographers I have met and she is one of the first official photographers of the -neil felipp- jewelry.

You can easily tell if it is an Anney Uy photo with her trademark hair swish.

-Anney Uy (in her own words)-

She’s a simple girl who loves God and exudes an artistic soul.

-The story behind her photography-

Art has always been a part of my life ever since I was young. I drew, drew and drew so much and never got tired of it! However at some point I realized my skill wasn’t enough to deliver the concepts I had in mind. There’s this online art community called deviantArt which I’ve been part of for years. I’ve switched mediums since then and was inspired to try photography. So for my 18th birthday, I received my first and only DSLR which I am still using now, a Canon 350D.

At first I’d just photograph simple day-to-day views and most often my two cute poodle pups. Eventually I got to join the Cebu Digital Photographers club and in one of the activities, met Alandia, who became my first ever model. Another mark was the shoot Mara Mejos, Lea Duhaylungsod and I had with Karina Gajudo, Blinky de Leon, Dania Bercede and Fretzie Bercede which is still one of my most memorable shoots. It’s there that I started to really enjoy the art and workflow of shooting people and delivering the photos in a preferably deviant, creative way. Ever since then I’ve continued my photostories, which are also my personal works for my portfolio.

-Dream Project-

I know this might sound so out-of-reach but yes, dreams are free, right? I’d love to be able to shoot for big brands like Gucci, Prada, Vivienne Westwood, Miu Miu and the likes someday. Predictably. However, I’d already be happy if I could go major and all-out on my own concepts. You know the song Fireflies by Owl City? I have something really big in mind inspired from the song but it’s a secret for now. Maybe in a few years I’d get to show everyone. 🙂

-Her Personal style and how she developed it-

I used to dress really casual most of the time when I was younger and I absolutely hated dresses! I was comfortable in jumpers and big shirts. Ironically though I absolutely love wearing dresses now, especially the casual ones you can just slip on to when you’re in a rush. I play up on a sleeveless knee-length dress, cardigan, necklace and cute sandals. But bottom line, I can be rugged or girly depending on my mood. I lean more to classical simple pieces more than the loud over-cut ones.

-Fashion Icons-

I don’t really have a particular fashion icon but I do love Michelle Phan’s sense of style. She’s actually more of a make-up artist but whenever she posts her outfits for the day on twitter I usually really love them! So chic but at the same time edgy. Aside from that I honestly don’t know who else to choose since I usually just mix and match my own outfits. Haha!

-If you were given the chance to exchange places with someone-

Hmmm… This is difficult. I guess it would be John William Waterhouse. In a female form, of course, since I love being a girl too much. Haha! I absolutely love his soul and vision. His paintings speak to me so much and it would be awesome to be able to be in his shoes and just paint straight and clear the visions he sees. Any other old masters can be candidates too. I’m sure everyone can relate to having some form of self-expression (i.e. sports, music) and the reason I chose old masters is because being able to clearly release and mark your feelings into paintings is something truly fulfilling and literally wonderful.

-If given a one way ticket to anywhere-

Europe! I don’t think I need to explain why. Hopefully that ticket includes an extensive tour and free food. Haha

-Advice for the readers based on her life experiences-

Basically, be comfortable with yourself. You don’t have to follow other people’s styles or personas because it’ll only become a downgrade version of yourself. You can experiment with different things whether it be a fashion style or a hobby and eventually you’ll be able to find something you know that is so YOU. Also, values and morals are still very important in life even though the world may tell you otherwise. In the end, it is always the ultimate good to seek for wisdom from God by building a relationship with Him because He knows more about yourself than you do.

You can follow Anne in her

blogspot and her deviantart.

Yours Truly,



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