Bijoux Gala Show

I decided to get out of the office and do some assisting for one of my mentors, Oj Hofer for the Bijoux Gala Show. And I can’t believe I was able to see this month’s cover girl of Zee Lifestyle, Mia Arcenas who I thought was in Hong Kong.
Congrats Mia once again! šŸ˜€

This is the collection that Oj Hofer created for the this year’s Bijoux Gala show. It was inspired by the element of fire because the theme of this year’s Bijoux Show was the elements. I love the beautiful simplicity of the pieces as they compliment the form of the models. And to make the whole look complete, the accessories truly showed the characteristics of fire. I was even amazed by the make-up because they were inspired from the Chinese Opera. Everything was very theatrical.

Here are some of my favorites during the show.

Gown by Arcy Gayatin and accessories by Mia Arcenas for Ferimar

I’m really sorry but I was not able to remember who’s gown is this and the accessories but I was just amazed by Gwen Trott. I really had so much fun talking with her during the night.

The one-and-only Elvira. Corset Gown by Jun Escario and accessories by Avatar.

I was worried for her because it is not easy wearing a corset because you can’t have any deep breathing which means everything has to be shallow. Remember, it is normal if you will faint from wearing a corset.

Gown by Philip Rodriguez and Accessories by Bon Ace

I really want to get this model to shoot for my jewelry one of these days. I love her physical features.

Gown by Philip Rodriguez and Accessories by Bon Ace

I have forgotten her name but I remembered in the backstage. She has one of the most bubbliest personality that night.

Yours Truly,



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