Glamour Run

Photography: Daniel Miranda (a.k.a Queen of England)

Styling by Me

I with Dan hosted the one-of-a-kind GLAMOUR RUN!!! I myself have been participating in runs which has helped me to stay in shape but from all of the runs, I have heard. This one is totally something else. The organizers were from the STC Batch of 88′ or 82′ and to make this an interesting race, there is this 1.6k run for the most glamorous runners hence why I had to dress up a little as one of the host.


Since the run was held at Ayala Terraces, I was so excited when the mall would open because I reserved this book during the 3-day sale. There was another book I wanted to buy but this had more good references for developing my collections.

Remember upcoming designers in whatever field you may be, invest in good books because even if they are a little pricey, they will help you in the future. I assure you that.

Yours Truly,



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  1. yeah my dad will like this

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