.N. loves Zao Resto:Art

So just recently, I have been told by a very good friend of mine, Paolo Ong that there is a new menu at his family’s restaurant, Zao. His restaurant has always been known for a good buffet but I’m always excited for something new in the Ala Carte.

If you people are curious why the restaurant has been called Zao. In greek, Zao actually means “Alive“. The owners have noticed in their travels from Manila to the United States that there are restaurants that are called Zao as well but they only serve Vietnamese. They have been so intrigued by the name that the name is actually from a popular metal band. And finally after getting a dictionary, they discovered the wonderful meaning of the name, Zao, “Alive”.

All of the food that has been served to us has been prepared by the talented, Chef Paolo Ong.

Behind the creation of these delicious dishes, the influence has come from his stay in San Francisco, California when he was studying culinary. Food trips with good friends from the affordable to the expensive but all worth it for the quality so that in his return here to Cebu, Philippines, he would fuse all of these wonderful flavors for the Cebuanos to enjoy.

I have never been a fan of Gambas but with Zao’s own version of Gambas. It is really good. The sauce complimented the shrimp very well and if you put some on the rice, it was a good symphony of flavors and textures.

This is what I ordered, The Suck and Blow. I know that the name of dish is quite erotic  but it is definitely catchy and ingenious. The reason behind the name is it is a Pastel De Lengua (tongue) with mushroom and garlic rice served on a sizzling plate. I asked the chef why they named it that way and that was the only thing that came out of their head.

Paolo, fellow blogger and friend ordered El Guapito.

Grilled Mexican Chicken with Chipotle Mushroom Sauce, Top With Caramelized Onions and Bell Pepper and served with Garlic Rice

A definite must-try.

And for my drink, I ordered a Double Choco Banana Hemp Shake, not only is it healthy but organic.

Paolo, Jaye and me. We were really full and would love to thank Chef Paolo Ong and Zao Restaurant for the delicious lunch.

Zao has become something more than your typical restaurant that serves sizzling, grill and fried but a place for you to unwind and dine.

If you interested to visit Zao and taste their new menu,

Go to Andres Abellana, Cor. Julio Diaz St., Guadalupe, Philippines or you can give them a call, 2543811.

And don’t forget to add them on FACEBOOK.

Yours Truly,




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2 responses to “.N. loves Zao Resto:Art

  1. Winston

    I willbe in Cebu this coming first week of July and will try your restaurant.I am bringing my family. See you then.

    • Thank you so much for choosing Zao but Zao isn’t my restaurant. It is owned by a close friend of mine. I’m really happy that you will try that place. If you have any questions about your stay here in Cebu, just ask…:D

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