Bijoux Design Competition and a Canon Case

Recently, family and I went to the Bijoux Show which was held in Shangrila Mactan Island Resort and Spa because we had to pick up a client and check out the show. While we were talking to the client, I couldn’t resist looking at the client’s Camera Casing of their Canon. I asked them where they bought it and they said EBay and only for $20. It is amazing what you can find nowadays in the internet.

Now back to Bijoux, I was happy that I was able to catch up for the Design Competition. I wasn’t looking forward for the Professional Category but the Students Category because some of them are from the University of the Philippines – Cebu, my alma mater.

Here are the top five best designs in the Student Category.

This was one of my favorites. I was really curious of what kind of material this is and to my discovery, it was made out of yarn. Ingenious.

Here are all of the top five designers with their models wearing their beautiful works. And would you believe that all of them are students from the University of the Philippines – Cebu. GO UP CEBU!!! 😀

And here is the winning entry designed by a very good friend of mine, Monica Alcudia. Congratulations Lalat!! I’m really proud of you!!! 😀

Yours Truly,



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