Design Train…

Decided not to stay in the office today. I can’t let my imagination go wild if I am there. I wanted to see everyday people because I am designing for these people after all and besides, a very good friend of mine who too is in the exporting business told me that I must not always stay in the office or else I will stay stuck. It’s like a design train. If you just stay in the office the whole time, your design train will most probably be in the same route over and over again making your design predictable and typical but if you go from that box (the office), you create a new route for your design train to explore bringing more excitement to your designs. Explore and wonder with your design train.


I decided to buy these glasses just for the sake to have some fun with my outfit because recently I have been so corporate and I wanted to bring some fun in my life. I don’t want to age to quickly. hahaha

Even though, I just ate here recently and I mean last night at Roma Mia. I just can’t resist their Grilled Porkchop with Herb Sauce. From all of the restaurants that I have eaten that serve Porkchop, Roma Mia Porkchop is the best to this date in my preference. it is soft and perfectly cooked and the herb sauce is just right. What so amazing is that the sauce I know is a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and crushed herbs but it doesn’t have that oily taste in your mouth. They compliment each other beautifully.

While I was in the mall, I purchased ESPADRILLES from Sueno De Espadrilles. I have been looking for some good quality espadrilles so that whenever there are those days that I want to be casual but still look good. I really wanted to buy the black but to my dismay they were out of stock and to my amazement, I found out that my Auntie was the one who bought the last pair. hahaha

Yours Truly,



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