Preview Sept. Issue: Sarah G.

As you all know, Sarah Geronimo is the cover of the September Issue of Preview Magazine. To be honest, I am not really a fan of her but in this case, she really looks good. Something different from her usual image for the masses but reading the cover story about her. She is really amazing to be able to attain so much in such an age of 22.

I love the conceptual shoot that was shown in this recent issue especially the intricate appliques of the dresses. This shows the amazing talent of the Filipino Designers.

This year’s Preview Best Dressed Ball theme was dedicated to the tremendous lost of a great fashion visionary and icon, the late Alexander Mcqueen. To give homage to him, everyone in the ball dressed to be Mcqueen.

Well, not everybody really did. I was kind of disappointed to see what Georgina Wilson wore. I have nothing against the dress. It is definitely very elegant and classy but not Mcqueen. I was hoping though she wore the dress that she wore on the cover of the Preview Magazine’s Anniversary Issue which was beautifully done by the amazing Cary Santiago.

I love what Mai Kaufman(woman in the middle) with the feather detail to the deconstruction of the skirt. The contrast of it was very well thought by the designer. I really wished I could find out the name but unfortunately,I couldn’t find any credit.

There is definitely more to see in this month’s issue so you should go to your nearest magazine stand and buy the best-selling fashion magazine in the Philippines, Preview Magazine.

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2 responses to “Preview Sept. Issue: Sarah G.

  1. hay. i’m in love with ria bolivar. hahah.

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