Velez Intrams + Starcraft 2 = SICK!

As you all know, I have been very busy with my jewelry line and with the response of the market knowing that are very interested invigorates me todo more. But putting all of that aside, I recently attended the Velez Intrams which was held in the old Sacred Heart – Jesuits campus which is now called Ateneo De Cebu. Mostly, I would never go to these events because it is going to be hot and sweaty but since a good friend of mine, Sandie Low is choreographing so I decided to come just for her.

It was really amazing to watch the performance when suddenly a car drove inside the gym as part of the opening of one the contestant’s performance. And looking at the outfits to the hair. It is very Sandy.

Wonderfully, they won.

Here with me the rest of the gang to support Sandie Low.

After the intrams, I went straight to Ayala to purchase the most-awaited game in my generation. Starcraft 2. I know. People say I don’t look like the kind of person who would be interested with these things but YEAH, I do. Name it. I love playing pc games.

And finally, the meeting for the official photoshoot of the -Neil Felipp- Jewelry has now been set which I am really excited for.

After the meeting, I was suppose to meet up with friends like Paolo and Jaye but I’m so sorry guys. I think the heat and sweat from attending the Velez Intrams made me sick which was kind of annoying especially during the meeting. I’m really sorry guys.

Yours truly,



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