Cool Kids/Fun-havers in Dumaguete

This is one of the best trips I have taken and making it more memorable, I used my well-earned money just for this trip. It was really really fun especially the company. You can go wherever in the world but if you don’t have a great company to be with it is not going to be that memorable. I have noticed that when I met up with a good friend in Japan.

Getting there was really long and discomforting since we took the bus and I was sitting in the middle seat which was really hard for me to take a nap since there was no head rest.

Our first stop in Dumaguete was Gabby’s Bistro. It was really beautiful bistro. it had that ambience that made you feel like you are home. And what was so amazing was the interior details which was done by the mother of the owner. I am really sorry if I was not really able to take any pics of the place because of exhaustion but I was able to take a picture of this artwork which was inspired by a very popular Discovery Channel series, The Mythbusters.

The food was GREAT!! I ordered a japanese dish, Katsudon. It had shitake mushrooms, breaded porkchop, their homemade teriyaki sauce and topped off with sesame seeds. Delicious, huge serving and just right for its price.

The Cool Kids /  Fun-havers

Afterwards, went straight to the house to leave our luggage and get ready for the night-out. I love the room that I was in. It was really cozy especially the bed and pillows.

I so wanted this car. It look so vintage and to my amazement, it is a Honda. I thought it was a Porsche.

This is how Gabby’s Bistro looks like at night. What a great place to chill with good friends.

It was really hard for us to wake up the next day but thanks to Mike. We were all able to. So we all decided to go to Apo Island to check out the beach there. On the way there, I was able to stumble on this beautiful looking old church. I wanted to go in and make a wish but we didn’t have the time.

Apo Island, it looks like the island in the Series, Lost.

The Banca we rode in. It was huge and spacious.

We finally reached the shore.

I want to thank Kat for this picture. I went snorkeling with Elysse as my partner. The Coral Reef of the island was AMAZING!! I really wish I brought an underwater camera just to show you guys. It was like this endless field of corals. There was this numerous array of corals that was shown by the corals. It was just breath-taking. And the fishes were so beautiful. I was amazed to see this colony of clownfish in this huge patch of anemones.

If you are going to Dumaguete, you must visit Apo Island.

For our way back to Cebu, we decided to take a v-hire at least this way we can have more fun rather than taking a bus. It was the best land trip I have ever taken. Totally excited for the next trip, Bantayan.

I want to thank the Bernedo family for everything and especially to Elysse for the invite, Kat and Lest for the pictures, Mike for being Mike, Jumbo for being a great brother I have never had, and Guiji for the fun conversations.

Till the next adventure.

Yours Truly,




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