Rocking the Mouth’s Cradle

Music of Bjork fills the air space around us, silhouettes of all shapes and size flocks

vibrant colors, here, there, everywhere.

I was really excited to be attending in this Art Exhibit of a truly talented friend, Russ Raniel Ligtas. I do miss attending these kind of events ever since I have been developing my jewelry line and anything business related. I love attending Art Exhibits for they show the true creative potential of the human subconscious with application. But for me, the most exciting part of the exhibit would be the Art performance. Whenever it comes to art performance, Russ Raniel Ligtas is one of the best or the best. His performances are beautifully plotted to question or maybe to tickle your mind.

Here are some of the paintings that I am really interested to get but maybe later on when I have my own loft, house, mansion or even shelter.

Looking at his works, their is something new and refreshing. Though the abstraction of body forms are still there but in the introduction of animals, vibrant colors, and a focus on certain body parts is entirely new.

And finally, here comes the performances that I have been so excited to see.

For musical background during the performance, the ever so talented Chai Fonacier sang with such medley and beauty.

During the performance, another person would be giving a piece of bread. Before she gives you that piece of bread, she tells you of a certain issue, in my case, she was telling me about the Manila Hijacked Bus.

During the performance, I just couldn’t resist to take a picture of this mother and child. One of these days, I’ll be making an artwork inspired from this picture.

After this performance, there was a little AVP and finally the most-awaited perfomance, the return of Happy. It was really amazing and energetic. He comes in the room running around and finally, falling down to the ground.

Then he stands up goes around the crowd, blabbering and showing a poster written on it, ” Who rocked the mouth’s cradle?”

He starts painting on the poster making a smiley face and finally showing it the crowd which ends the performance.

What a truly successful art exhibit and performance. Excited for more to come

Yours truly,


If you are interested to go to the exhibit and purchase one or more of his beautiful works, visit

856 g Gallery

856 A.S Fortuna, Mandaue City 6014

Cebu, Philippines


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