Could things get any worse? Apparently, they can…

Once again, the Philippines has been placed in a horrible limelight as “one of the most dangerous countries for tourists” by international news and CNN dubbed the Phillipines as “THE WORST COUNTRY TO GO” because the recent hijacking of a Manila International Tourist Bus. I just wish it wasn’t an International Bus at least this way the International news wouldn’t be so focused on it.

The bus was hijacked by a dismissed police officer, Rolando Mendoza who I thought had this code of conduct but unbelievable, a person especially an ex police officer can do such a thing.

Watching the scene unfold, the Philippine National Police didn’t know to handle the situation especially in crowd control because a stray bullet was able to hit a civilian. I know in a way that things could have handled in a more peaceful manner. I kept on hoping that no one would be injured or even worse, fatalities but things turned to the worst with gunshots, tear gas and bloodbaths.

Finally, after 10 + hours, its is over but the outcome was catastrophic. I knew that Hong Kong officials would be immediate enough to ban all travel from Hong Kong to the Philippines. What a huge slap to the Department of Tourism considering that majority of our tourist are coming from Hong Kong. But just imagine the treatment the domestic helpers may get from their employers after this.

It must be really hard for the President right now concerning that this will be added to his huge list of problems. I really do hope that he can immediately find a solution for this.

But in lighter news, The Coronation Night of Miss Universe will be tonight! And I do hope our very own Miss Venus Raj would place considering that she has the hot sexy body, looks, and alluring legs but I’m looking forward for her answers tonight to show off some intelligence to the judges that she got the looks and brains.

Reading from a fellow blogger’s post, Paolo. I do hope that this horrible event will not affect her chances of winning the crown.

But if the question would arise addressed to Miss Venus Raj,

Considering the recent events that has befallen your country, the Philippines. How would you promote the Philippines as a tourist destination?

Good Luck to Miss Venus Raj if you would ever face such a question.


Good Luck to our President in handling the many challenges that seem to be piling up.

Yours Truly,



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