Adonis & Lizzie…

Today was a really busy day. I went to downtown in the morning with my dad to buy some stuff for my packaging, and a corkboard for my home office. On my way back to the car, I couldn’t resist to see the pet fishes being sold on the streets. I remembered back then when I was still a small kid, my dad would bring me in this spot were they will sell all kind of fishes but back then I remembered there were a lot like I mean a lot but now they are just a few. Oh well, time changes things. There was this Blue Siamese Fighting fish that has captivated me that I would constantly go back to it after I’ve seen the rest so I decided to buy it.

I love how beautiful it looks inside of my biotope aquarium which is right beside my desk. If you don’t really know what a biotope aquarium is, it is an aquarium filled with live plants basically you are trying to imitate a natural freshwater environment. If you want to see an amazing looking biotope aquarium, check out the pet shop that is right across Banilad Town Centre, Piper’s Petshop.

It took time for me to find the right name for this beautiful fish but with the help of Ralph, my sister’s boyfriend. I was able to find the right one. So, I named it Adonis, an extremely handsome man but in this case, fish.

I was trying to get a close-up picture of him but apparently, he moves very quickly.

Oh yeah, another thing, my Cattleya Orchid, Lizzie which I call it decided to to bloom today. I really wish I can let you smell the fragrance of the  flower. I place it near my electric fan so that my room smells like perfume. And just some added info, this orchid was passed down by grandmother to me since she saw that I really love plants. 😀

Yours Truly,



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