Design Speak: Capturing Design, an Agnes B. Cardigan Film Documentary

So, Paolo and I have just recently attended a Design Speak Lecture in the Chiye Mori Design library that was organized by the Cebu Design Education Foundation (CDEF). For more information about the foundation, just click on the link and it will send you straight there.

The featured speaker of the lecture was Joanna Arong. She made it clear that she is no designer in any field. Basically, she just documented photographers and their subjects wearing the Agnes B. Cardigan. I really wish I can show you the documentary but sorry I have no copy. 😦

The documentary was really entertaining especially with all the different personalities from a art collector who seems to be so stubborn to the point that she doesn’t even want to wear the cardigan. All in all, the documentary made me feel that I was there during the shoots which captured the unique characters of the subjects.

Here she is presenting to the audience the AGNES B. CARDIGAN.

Me with Agnes B. Cardigan. I would really want to thank Paolo for the pic. Pao, we don’t have a picture together… 😦

Me with Joanna Arong

This has been



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4 responses to “Design Speak: Capturing Design, an Agnes B. Cardigan Film Documentary

  1. The art collector was being a… b*tch. HAHA kidding. And Joanna was really nice, no? Plus I love her voice haha

    • Yeah! She really was but that made her more interesting. hahahaha. Yeah, she was. I really like her. Pao, I should have gotten a picture of her with you but you had to leave so early because I think you were really exhausted from the gym.

      I’m so proud of you!! You can do it, Pao!! πŸ˜€

  2. me like the hair! πŸ™‚

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