Garage’s 2nd Anniversary Issue

So, the August – September Garage Issue is finally out but this is no ordinary issue, it is their 2nd Anniversary Issue and too commemorate this special issue, they have chosen Diether Ocampo as the this issue’s cover. And not only that, their is Garage Girl.

I really support  Book Bugs especially when it comes to packaging because they have found a way to use up old magazines by using their pages into bags from their reduce cost on plastics bags and they help save our Mother Earth.

I have always loved how the Garage Team design their covers. It is something very refreshing, new, creative and appealing. Something that I always look for whenever I am in the magazine stands.

I must say. Diether looks very dashing and young in this cover.

Some interesting photos that I like.

If you want to see and read more about this issue, go to your nearest magazine stand and buy one.

This has been




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2 responses to “Garage’s 2nd Anniversary Issue

  1. nice pick of cover model 🙂

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