A Celebration in Ginza…

My uncle and cousin decided to celebrate their birthday all together with the clan in one of our favorite Japanese restaurants, Ginza. Ever since I have been a child (Aren’t I still a child? laugh), my family, we have been coming here because we love Japanese Cuisine. We find it very healthy and especially my grandfather who is very health conscious was also the one who taught me how to eat japanese.

The two celebrants. Did you know that in our clan, my cousin, uncle and me have the same birthday, August 6. Is it not amazing?

I was so curious about this new dessert of theirs, Tempura Ice Cream. And to my curiosity, it was really good, crispy on the outside and sweet and creamy in the inside. Delish.

Me with my siblings but we are incomplete though cause one of them went out boating with Le Boyfriend.

And the rest of the relatives. It is more fun to have insane picks at least this way you appreciate sanity more. Well, that sounded very odd but oh well, I’m not the ordinary. laugh…:D



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