A day of Cook-out…

So just last night, I have assisted ActUP for their Rampahan Entry in the yearly Cook-out of the University of the Philippines – Cebu, my alma mater.

A little information about what Cook-out is all about. It started out either during or after the time of Martial Law in the Philippines, 20 years ago I think, a group of students would all gather in the soccer field where there would be a bonfire and cook. From this gathering, the first student council in the Philippines would be formed. I am not totally sure whether if it would be the whole Philippines but I do know that in the whole Visayas Region.

And now, every  year, UP – Cebu commemorates this once small gathering of scholars to a whole celebration of unique and amazing talents in the University.

There are usually four segments that are being featured in every Cook-out. There is Bandahan (Band), Sayawan (Dance), Kantahan (Sing) and the most-awaited segment Rampahan. The Rampahan segment is where creativity and analytical thinking are combined to convey a message through a fashion show.  The theme of this year’s Rampahan was Freak Revolution. The theme wanted the contestants to pick a current issue and show it’s relevance to the nation. If you want to put more info concerning about the theme, just tell me because this is how I saw it.

Surprisingly, a good friend of mine, Harvey Cenit had to leave early because it was really getting late and it was really getting late and the segment looked like it was going to start at 3:00 am, he had to leave so he decided that I would represent him for his clothing but the production team had other plans. Since the third judge of the Rampahan could not make it, they decided to make me the third judge as I was ok with it. Sure. This is one of his works which is being worn by one of my most beautiful close friends, Mia Ali. She is also the winner of Miss UP Cebu 2010. LOVE YOU, MIA ALI!!! 😀

I was really amazed by this years, Rampahan because majority of the contestants went all out with beautiful structural pieces from a train filled with post its, origami skirts, heavy weaponry made out of paper, a dress covered with condoms and a lot more. It shows that they know what to do with what they have especially that these contestants does not have that much resources.

It was really bad timing of my camera to be out of battery so I can only give you a little preview of some of the works but don’t worry, I asked one of my friends if I can borrow some of his photos to show you guys and he said yes so readers watch out for another post.

Me with the fellow judges, the ever so pretty Kara Mae Noveda, I’m really sorry but I forgot the name of the male judge but I know that he is one of the new host of relaunching of MagTV. We are all posting here showing that there is one more entry left until it is finally over because it was really 3:00 am and I think we were all pretty tired and excited to sleep.

I would really want to thank the Production team for this token which was proudly made by UP Fine Arts Students and congratulations on a successful Cook-out to them and the Student Council.




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2 responses to “A day of Cook-out…

  1. That guy is Borgie 😀

  2. A theme of Freak Revolution… I wholeheartedly support this! (:

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