-Neil Felipp- in One Cebu Expo

I invite everyone to please do visit the One Cebu Expo that is held in the Cebu International Convention Cebu. I will be showcasing some of the latest in the -Neil Felipp- Collection for Italkarat 18, Inc.

I’m really sorry but this was the only available picture I could find in the internet but anyways, please do visit the expo and buy some amazing products proudly made in the Province of Cebu…




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7 responses to “-Neil Felipp- in One Cebu Expo

  1. awww. di lagi ko kasulod sa -neil felipp- na site…
    private blog ra siya? 🙂

  2. Yeah. For the moment…:D

  3. it was a fun expo, daghan sad mig napalit.

    the car show was also lingaw http://cebulive.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/1cebuautomeet-pics/

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