Julie & Julia, Travel, Qatar, Japan, and FB….

I just finished watching Julie & Julia. I have totally forgotten that is one of the movies I must see before I die because it is about cooking. I think I have mention it to you once or twice in one of my post that I love international cuisine because it is another form of traveling for me. I love the scenes where Julia and Paul are outside strolling in the beautiful streets of Paris. And of course, the clothes back then were just beautiful and classy and to see women wearing simple white pearls. It is such a pleasure for the eyes.

That is why I am considering to apply for Qatar Airways but the problem is this will deviate from my 5 year plan as a designer. I really do love traveling ever since I came from Japan. And that is another thing, I am still applying for a scholarship for Japan next year and both the embassies, Philippines and Japan seem to be interested to help me get that scholarship. Decision, decision.

First things first. I will fully apply for the Japanese scholarship because the age limit is 21 and I will be that age in just a few more hours from now. We will see how things will go from there. But for the time being, I will further establish the -neil felipp- brand. I am still debating on to myself whether I should make a facebook account just for it. Another decision that needs to be further think about. sigh.



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  1. good luck, nike! go soul searching muna :p

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