A Details Shoot…

Went straight to the gym, great energizer for mind and body. Loving Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert especially this one quote that I want to share with you.

four feet on the ground, a head full of foliage, looking at the world through the heart..

It is a very enlightening quote. I will not explain what the true meaning is unless you read the book or you find any other means. In second thought, I think I will read it again just to implant the explanation in my head.

And one of the best compliments I had on that day was that I look so young and fresh. Another good reminder to enjoy my youth..:D

I wanted to take this picture on my way to Banilad Town Centre. I’m just amazed how there are so many constructions going on in Cebu. It definitely shows progress and the best part, the beach and mountains are still are a car ride away.

After, went straight to BTC to meet up with Yan2x in preparation for the Detail byDetails photo shoot wherein she will be using original -Neil Felipp- Jewelry. I will be posting them as soon as I get a copy from her as well. It is just a teaser for the jewelry though so you must anticipate for the Jewelry photo shoot.

I was really amazed by the house that we went to for the photo shoot. The owner is the owner of Imperial House, it is this shop that showcases beautiful Swarovski figurines and Ceramic figurines. There is this one Siamese Fighting Fish Swarovski Figure that I really want to get but way too much for my budget maybe later on.

The amazing Gillian Stephanie Uang. I’m really happy that she loves the Cleo Neckpiece…:D




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7 responses to “A Details Shoot…

  1. unsa ang material sa necklace? 🙂
    (naniwang lagi kaayo ka :o)

  2. Export Quality Shell, and Metal..:D

    Thanks. Do I look better that I’m thinner? hehe…

  3. YES. You look better nga ni niwang ka.. 🙂
    mura sad kag ni bata. 😮 WHY?

  4. THANK YOU!!! 😀

    Well, because I just want to be fit and healthy. It will definitely help when you want to get better in your profession…

  5. kai

    totally agree. Looking better than ever! 🙂

    • Thank you, Kai!! 😀

      I just hope that despite the ever-changing skyline, they can try to improve the roads because the traffic is getting worse as every year pass by…:S

  6. kai

    and ohh, there really are many constructions going on here.. It’s everywhere, grabeh! I wonder how Cebu skyline will look like after 5 yrs.. noh?

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