Inception and Night out with friends…

After seeing and hearing the great comments from everyone who watched the film. I decided to watch it with a good family friend of mine, Elysse Bernedo. And we decided to watch it in IMAX! Yeah! Finally IMAX has invaded Cebu.

The film was BEAUTIFULLY INGENIOUS! Everything was very well thought off to the smallest detail. I really got pissed a little because there was this couple right beside us who didn’t understand the film at all so they decided to mediocre the film. I really told to lower it down. I paid 350 pesos to watch and not to hear any of your pathetic chattering.

All in all, I really want to WATCH IT AGAIN! hehe

After, I met up with good friends I.T Park who I have not seen for such a long time especially Yan2x Uang. You can remember her as the latest N. Profile Feature. Love the bowler hat.

And of course, our pretty friend. Jaye Borromeo with me…

And finally, everyone else catched up.

I love hanging out with these kinds of people because they have ambitions and goals in life. And another thing, bumming is not in their dictionary which I totally love. If you want to become a better person with a sense of direction, surround yourself with people to help become motivated. I’m very lucky….:D

I coudn’t resist to take a picture of the sweet couple of night. Yan2x Uang and the Black Longchamp bag. Don’t they look like such a perfect couple. Laugh. Joke. Yan..But for real, Don’t they look so sweet together. Don and Yan.

And finally my turn with the bag and Yan. I couldn’t stop looking at the Black Longchamp. It is totally a classic bag.

My favorite picture of the night.
Insert “Sisiw” here wherever she may be…



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