Ohaiyo Shibuya!!!

After a rushing shopping spree, we immediately went to Shibuya to get something to eat. It is really best to shop first before you eat because you will definitely have problems running around with a full stomach. Just a little advice. And besides, the food will taste yummier because you will be hungry. hehe. Basically, if Roppongi would be the A – Class Night Life District, then Shibuya would be right next to it. It mostly caters more to the younger generation. I really wanted to take pictures of the people with their fashion styles but I can’t just point and shoot because I don’t want to respect them. And another thing, this is one of the most densely populated parts of Tokyo. I could just imagine. The Japanese definitely work hard but when it comes to partying, they party harder. I like that…

I really wanted to go in this shop but sadly, it was closed…:(

My Highschool Friend, Saki!! Totally made my Japan trip memorable…

I told Saki that what I’m really looking for is good ramen and she brought me here. It is those small ramen shops that I have been looking for…

This is really cool. Right before you get your seat, you have to pay automatically on the machine which will then give you a receipt which you must give straight to the cook to make your order.

Oh, what a beautiful small ramen shop. It is love at first sight.

Totally waiting for our ramen to arrive. I’m so excited!! 😀

When my Tatay (grandfather) saw this pic, he was saying I fit in Japan after all because I look like one. Totally flattered. I just wish people in Cebu would say I look more Japanese than Korean. Nothing racist. I’m just more into Japanese culture than Korean Culture and I was raced with Japanese culture.


Hello, Beautiful!

So, we were on our way back and we decided to take our pictures together with those out of this world photo booth of their and I was able to stumble to this. If you remember those UFO eater or those cranes things where you get to try to get a stuff toy, theirs is totally different. Instead of stuff toys, it is PERFUME!! And I’m telling you, this is all real perfume. I tried but total fail…

If not perfume, then some good quality watches. What the!!!

Hey readers, more to come…:D




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  1. perfume.. i want 😮 😮 😮

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