Ohaiyo Harajyuku!!

I think this is the most awaited part of my trip to Japan, Harajyuku. I was really happy to know that my highschool friend was able to contact me through FB, Saki. She is half-Japanese and half-Filipino. She truly made my Japan trip more memorable and more “sulit” because she was able to help me immerse myself to the Japanese culture.

I really regretted not buying the Panama Hat but oh well, another reason for me to come back…:D

It was really hard for me to shop because I arrived at 8:00 pm so I only had 1 hour to shop. I had to run from one shop to the other so that I won’t be able to reach closing time and the worst part of it was all them was on SALE!!!
And you know what is so amazing, they don’t really have malls there so the shop is the whole building. 5 floors, all clothes, shoes, bags and name it. So, it was really a work-out. No need to go the to gym here after all, the whole city gives me the exercise I need no wonder why majority of the population are so fit.

I really have fun at looking at their advertising. It is fun and creative. There is a lot more but I was in a shopping run…

I just couldn’t resist! Laugh. I really wanted to take pictures inside but unfortunately, I’m not allowed. The weirdest thing I have ever seen was this condom that can fit your head. Ok, that is way extreme but still cool. Just keep running…

Watch out! I’m not yet done. I will still be going to Shibuya after this to EAT!!!!



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