Ohaiyo Japan: Day 3 – Part 2

PROTO LAB is a special area, where up-and-coming designers exhibit their prototypes. In this year, 20 prototypes gather under the themes of ‘lighting’ and ‘chairs’. All pieces are for commercialization.

I wanted to show you all of the designs because they are truly amazing and beautifully designed but there all some I am allowed to take pictures of. I really wanted to ask the designers how they conceptualized their products but apparently, I don’t know how to truly speak japanese yet…

First of is the

Bat Chair

Designer: Masayuki Sato
Architext, designer. He was born in Tokyo in 1972. Ever since year 2000, he has been participating in many design exhibitions both inside and outside Japan (Milan Salone, Tokyo Designers Week etc.) Won the red dot award in 2006.

Bat Chair is made of rectangular shaped felt sheet folded into seat shape. This is one of the outputs from the obeying the concept that I have been pursuing, that is making the object with simple elements and simple manipulations.

Unit Product

Designer: Takehiro Ando
Designer/ Artist. Actively engaging in creation of 3D, space and other various fields. Recently, He created product designs, which relates to space of lifestyles, and have exhibited at Milano Salone and other design exhibitions. He also engage in recycled product shows.

‘Unit Product’ which was created for stereoscopic spaces and lights through the usage of flat materials such as felts, papers and polypropylenes. By combining geometric parts, producing decorative lighting shades. Since the parts have flexibility to combine, the sheet type shade can be used for sun shade and room partition. The shades can be developed with different colors and materials since they are made out of papers and polypropylenes sheets.

One of the most bubbly designs I have seen.

Party Bag Chair

Designer: Keiko Kano
Interior Designer. After working several years at interior manufacturer, engage in interior coordination of apartments, houses, etc. But also engaging in graphic designs and Washi-Arts.

This looks like a bag, but when you put the legs into each hole it becomes a chair(stool). You can take the bag anywhere and always have a chair.


Designer: Kazuki Kubo
He got his Master of Architecture from the Hiroshima University in year 2000, was with the Architects Office from 2000 – 2001, then Space Design Office from 2002 – 2005 and finally establishing H2DO Architects in the year 2006.

The concept of Furni-phics(Furniture+Graphics art) lays in a redesign of the traditional Japanese culture and lifestyle, in which the furniture was easy to assemble/dissemble and compact for storage. The furniture doesn’t occupy your room when you don’t use it. So, you can use your space effectively and freely! Furni-phics gives your space more flexibility and functionality.

This chair totally reminds me of one of my school days in the University of Philippines. We had to do this exercise where we has to make a stool or chair out of cardboard without the usage of any adhesive.

Portable Stool

Designer: Motoko Yamada
Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School and learned the contemporary art at B-semi Learning System. She then engaged in interior design and furniture design. In 2008, She established Moco-ya which deals with cardboard works, toys, and furniture. One of her awards are the 2005 Good Hobby Prize and 15th Japan Good Hobby Grand Prix.

Theme of works: Consist of cardboard as chief material and able to assemble with no adhesives. Advantage (1) Easy to assemble. No need to use tools and adhesives. (2) Easy to carry. Light weight cardboard parts only. (3) Able to start assembling right after bringing in any place where an event is being held. (4) Recyclable.

I couldn’t resist buying these but I regretted buying it on the first day because maybe if I bought it on the last day. I could still get a discount but oh well, lesson learned. It is a home garden in a box. In the box, it has everything you need to start your own little garden. I chose one that has the seeds for a salad and one small one that has peppermint seeds. So far, the salads seeds are growing. I will be showing you some pics soon. 😀

This is the VIP room. I’m just amazed at how they can change the room by just adding a few lights, plants and furniture and it looks very classy.

This is very interesting. Everything here in Japan is very well-thought-of. One good example is this cup. Most probably to reduce the usage of Styrofoam, they invented this kind of paper cup with a handle.

The Matching Party. This is where you match yourself with possible clients who are looking for the same interest. Example: If you are an exporter of Home Accessories, then you should look for an importer who is also looking for Home Accessories.

Another thing, the food was so good! I couldn’t take a picture though because I was really hungry and everything was being grabbed by the people. sigh.

This shows how discipline they are. If you are using the escalator and you are not in a rush, you must stay in the left side and you should be one step away from the person in front of you. But if you are in rush, use the right side. No matter what, even if I’m not in Japan, I will apply this in the Philippines. Small steps of discipline and respects can go a really long way.

More to come…



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