Ohaiyo Japan: Day 3 – Part 1

So this is it, the Opening Day of the trade show, GIFTEX! We were really hoping that all of our products would be arriving today but if not, we had to work with what he have. Remember guys, no matter what happens always try to do the best you can with what you have.

This shot was taken outside of my window. Despite the industrialization of the country, they still have this great respect of nature. I really wanted to go this little garden but I think I forget about with all of the things that was running in my head.

Finally, I got a good shot of the Tokyo Tower.

This is the Rainbow Bridge. It looks so beautiful at night. I’ll try to look at my photos if I was able to capture it. I think this bridge was a point of reference for the Marcelo Fernan Bridge in Cebu connecting Mactan.

Just look. Not a single brown smog insight. I was wondering if they ever encountered that problem and how were they able to solve it.

There is just so much interesting architecture to be found here. I am just amazed how they truly utilize every space especially in the basis of practicality.

More pictures ahead especially during the show. I know you will love it…:D



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